A is for…Apple Cake

A is for Apple Cake

A is for Apple Cake

I had the idea recently (it came to me in a meeting when my mind was wandering a little) of making a cake for each letter of the alphabet. I may have been slightly inspired by the coverage in the press of the fried egg font (have a look here if you haven’t seen it! Buy Eggs font.)

I decided that for there to be any point to this the type of cake would have to reflect the letter as well as being the right shape. In my innocence I thought choosing the flavour would be the difficult bit… I was wrong.

I decided to make apple cake for ‘A’ – seems a bit obvious, but I’d never made an apple cake before so it seemed a good a time as any. I decided to go with a Mary Berry. recipe as a fairly safe bet and I have to say the recipe is a good one (very tasty) and I had no problems actually making the cake – the hard bit was making it into the A shape!

A is for apple cake

A is for apple cake

The recipe called for the cake to be made in a round tin, but I used a square one thinking it would make life easier for me to cut it to the right shape. I had not counted on the crisp crust splitting in every direction as soon as I put a knife near it! I managed to get the rough shape, stuck some of the cut off bits back on in different places with icing and then covered the top of the whole cake in icing (125g icing sugar mixed with approx 2 to 3 tablespoons of warm water) to give a bit more definition to the shape.

I had some extra apple leftover from making the cake, so I cut this into slices and popped them in the oven on a baking sheet covered in parchment whilst the cake was cooking to dry them out, this really intensifies the flavour. I then used the dried slices to decorate the finished A.

It doesn’t quite look how I imagined it in my head, but its not bad for a first attempt! Lets wait and see how the B works out…

(all photo credits miss suzylee)


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